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About Us

We are SIAM CARGOS QUALITY PRODUCTS single exporter in Thailand. Ours product is 100% Organic raw coconut water under brand Siam coconut water. We are exporting to South East Asia, Africa, etc. I'm looking good buyer such as you don't hesitate to keep close contact with me and/or you are getting doubt.

Coconut is a treasure trove of health benefits, and this fact has been known to, and exploited by, our ancestors dating back hundred of years, as is evident by legends and archaeological findings. One of the most versatile and nutritious fruits, the fluid present inside it has been found to be particularly beneficial and rich in vital wellness elements. Siam Coconut Water brings you the same benefits through its highly acclaimed range of packaged coconut water, which has been highly popular among consumers and the health conscious folks. Our selection of pure as well as flavored coconut water is highly sought after, not only in our domestic stronghold but also a number of international markets, thanks to their superior quality standards.

Our company is a relatively new entrant in the domain and was established in the year 2016, but we surely did make a positive impact on the market with our world class products. In a very short span of time, we have made quite a name as an emerging Manufacturer and Exporter of products such as Fresh Coconut Water, Natural Coconut Water, Flavored Coconut Water and Sweet Coconut Water among others. The latter are harvested from tender and green coconuts plucked from trees in our farm that are of the purest greed and not of the genetically modified (GMO) type. Moreover, our products have been processed under highly hygienic conditions, are totally vegan and Kosher certified. Not only that, no sugar is added during the processing stages to maintain the purity and keep the natural flavor intact.

Coconut Water : A Boon To Humanity

The health benefits of coconut water are way too many to describe, and with newer discoveries made every now and then, the lists keeps on elongating. But there a few very prominent ones that are known to all, thanks to their propagation, a few of which are mentioned below:

  • Re-hydration: Coconut water is excellent at re-hydrating the body, thanks to the high composition of electrolytes in it that help in superior recovery from fluid loss, excessive sweating and diarrhea. Not only that, it is also rich in carbohydrates and thus, helps in significantly boosting the energy levels. All in all, it has all the properties to act as a standalone sports drink, which has been well documented.
  • Blood Pressure Control : As far as lowering blood pressure and balancing out the levels are concerned, coconut water is a quite potent remedy, thanks to the high levels of Vitamin C, Potassium and Magnesium it contains. According to a report published in a leading journal, coconut water has also proven to be good at controlling hypertension.
  • Healthy for Heart: Tender coconut water contains no fat and cholesterol, and helps in breakdown of low density Lipoproteins and increase the levels of high density Lipoproteins, which are quite good for cardiac health. In addition to it, coconut water also possesses anti-oxidant as well as anti-inflammatory characteristics, that are good for circulation of blood.
  • Blood Sugar Regulation and pH Control: Amino acids and dietary fibers are present in good measure in coconut water, that considerably boost the insulin sensitivity, which in turn, helps in better regulation of blood sugar. Furthermore, the alkaline effect of coconut water helps reduce the acidic pH levels, which pose hindrance to vitamin and mineral absorption.

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